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inCOREporation is your centralized solution of dedicated technology and security experts. We deliver our products and services accordingly through our channels: Sales, services, support, IT consulting, computing, cloud, electronics hardware, software, networking, security, accessories, and more. Web hosting, domain registration, web services, CAD IT services, Tech support and Help Desk. Request Remote Assistance Web hosting, domain registration, web services, USA Domain registration, email, SSL certificates, USA Telecommunication, Unlimited Internet services, Home phone services, VoIP business communications, Video Audio Media communications Home Security, Business Security, CCTV, Automation, Alarm Monitoring Central

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Customer service and user experience is of major importance, and modern technologies contribute in this area. We make it easy for everyone. We also build and host mobile apps.

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Customer service

We are committed to your success and satisfaction. We are grateful to be on your team and add great value to your business. We are very flexible and attentive to your needs. We respond quickly and always guide you to the agreed smartest solution. Communication, values, and skills, are key to success. In regards to team spirit, we share an organization culture around: Modesty, Hunger to succeed, and Social intelligence. Take us with you, meet your account manager, business analysts, project manager.

Value Added and Managed Services

We service and support all our products, our customer service adds value to your investment. We also offer Managed Services, where you delegate all the worries over to us, we take care of everything! We have an extra layer of the very top support teams in the backend to guaranty the maximum success.

Smart savings and best performance

Great news, you don't have to work so hard with limited resources. Be a smart business. SAVE up to 100% on your invested capital by using our lease program, and get a 100% back per year, then at the end of the term, renew the lease and replace with new equipment. Or, SAVE up to 85% on your invested capital by using our lease program, and buy the equipment for 15% of the cost, at the end of the term. Smart investments = enables great quality equipment and tools = work smarter, better and faster = better results = bigger profits! Not sure yet? Talk to our financial experts. PAD Form

Technology and Security

Knowing that 80% of SMBs have experienced downtime, and that 93% of companies that lose data for 10 or more days file for bankruptcy, it's important to be serious about security and protecting your data continuity, integrity and availability. Our system designs take into account Backups, and Business Continuity, Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective. Use our Recovery Time Calculator. Get TOTAL DATA PROTECTION, Be prepared against network and internet attacks, viruses, ransomware, data loss, and consult with us against other security attacks. Talk to our Security Specialists, Information Technology Continuity team, and Business Continuity team. View your GeoTrust SSL Certificate Information

Systems, Networking and infrastructure designs
Security and CCTV designs. Alarm surveillance monitoring